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Marine matters, Canada, coastal power, foreign trade, admiralty law, principal interests, marine cargo claims


In marine matters, Canada is not a maritime but a coastal power. She is also a nation dependent for a livelihood on foreign trade. Translated into terms of admiralty law, Canada's principal interests in ships is not in their ownership but in the cargoes they carry. Accordingly Marine Cargo Claims is a particularly apt title under which Professor Tetley has written a unique Canadian text. His work is also unusual in several useful ways. First, in being directed to the general practitioner, accustomed or not to admiralty affairs but always short of time, it is deliberately organised to facilitate the conduct or defence of a cargo claim. This style will be especially attractive to lawyers who are only occasionally faced with an admiralty problem, but whose number must greatly increase in direct proportion to the ever rising volume of inter-modal and through transport brought about by the container revolution.

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