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Workers' compensation, historical compromise, present system, legislation, sound concept, health and safety, workplace issues, special prominence


This committee, after our study, declares that our present system of workers' compensation legislation is still fundamentally sound in concept. - Report to the House of Assembly of the Select Committee on Workers' Compensation, May, 1981 In the last decade health and safety issues in the workplace have gained a special prominence. Across North America new initiatives have been taken in response to an old problem. One aspect subjected to re-evaluation in many jurisdictions is the statutory scheme of workers' compensation. In Nova Scotia a Select Committee of the Legislature was given the mandate to reassess this scheme, and its overall verdict after two years of study was that only tinkering is required. Is that a fair conclusion? The question is much more than a purely academic one, since it is expected that the Select Committee's report will form the basis of new legislation in Nova Scotia. The adequacy of that legislative response will have immediate and significant relevance to injured workers in this province.