Dalhousie Law Journal


Regulatory Reform, National Energy Board, Regulation, Government regulation, boards, commissions, administrative agencies


Government regulation has been increasing rapidly for the past five decades. At present, boards, commissions, and other variously named administrative agencies pervade nearly every phrase of the nation's economic and social activity. At the federal level, these groups are involved in formulating economic policy; they control the construction and operation of pipelines and other means of transport; they supervise most facets of the telecommunications and broadcasting industries; they regulate, in many ways, the exploration for and manufacturing and marketing of raw materials. At the provincial level, they are concerned with labour relations, education, and the use of property. In addition, an assortment of fire marshalls, engineers, inspectors, and registrars are among those who operate under municipal ordinances to maintain property according to certain guidelines, to regulate how and where structures will be built and maintained and, in many circumstances, to control how, when, and where individuals may operate businesses.