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Public Education, Nova Scotia, Legal Rights, Fleeting Privileges, Political Rhetoric, democratic, egalitarian society


A truly democratic and egalitarian society cannot exist without a broadly based public education. Nova Scotia has an enviable record in the field of education as a leader and innovator in the development of both the public schools and post secondary institutions. The Scots, who have always valued educating their young, implanted this same value in Nova Scotian soil. Other groups have also followed the Scottish lead in educational matters. Even in difficult economic times, which came frequently to Nova Scotia, education has not been sacrificed on the altar of economic restraint. In the 1980's education does not appear to hold such a protected position. Education budgets are being slashed at both the public school and post-secondary levels. Economic restraint has become the accepted gospel and not even education is immune from the message. It is thus timely to consider the status of education in the political and legal framework of Nova Scotia. Moreover, it should be strongly asserted that Nova Scotia's children have a legal right to education that cannot be diminished either in the name of financial restraint or political expediency. The purpose of this article is to make that assertion.

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