Dalhousie Law Journal


Consolidated Treaty Series, international law, reprints, translations, modem European state system, League of Nations Treaty Series


The Consolidated Treaty Series was a twelve year publishing project undertaken by the distinguished Cambridge international law professor Dr. Clive Parry. The treaty series contains reprints and translations of over 10,000 treaties signed between 1648, the establishment of the modem European state system, and 1919 when the League of Nations Treaty Series, the first official international collection, commenced publication. Each treaty is reproduced in its original language accompanied by French or English translations where such exist. Where a translation does not exist a summary of the contents of the treaty is included. Most importantly the source from which the treaty was obtained is noted, as are alternative sources for the text. Many of the treaties are printed in German, Dutch, Latin and Spanish and where translations into French or English do not exist a translation is provided only when the treaty is of primary importance.