Dalhousie Law Journal


Manitoba Law School, inception, joint responsibility, Law Society of Manitoba, academic, practical training, Bachelor of Laws, Bar of Manitoba


From its inception in 1914, the Manitoba Law School had been the joint responsibility of the University of Manitoba and The Law Society of Manitoba. Its four year programme was intended to combine both academic and practical training so that on its completion the graduating student obtained not only his Bachelor of Laws Degree but also his call to the Bar of Manitoba. By the early sixties, however, with the burgeoning of legal education in universities across the country, it became clear that an overhaul of the system was necessary in Manitoba. If legal education was to meet the demands of the last half of the 20th Century and the standards being set in Canada generally, then there had to be a tremendous input of resources. This could only come through the University which, in the sixties, was enjoying good government financing.