Dalhousie Law Journal


Law, Social Science, Carleton University, Major, Honours


Law is offered as an undergraduate social science discipline at Carleton University. Students may take programmes leading to both Major and Honours B.A. degrees in law or may also undertake the study of law in a combined Major or Honours programme in conjunction with another discipline. Successful completion of any programme does not qualify the graduate for admission to any bar admission programme nor is any credit given towards a law degree for courses taken at Carleton.' The purpose of the programme is to promote an awareness of the place of rules respecting human conduct in political, social and economic environment and to provide insights of other disciplines relevant to particular legal problems. The purpose of this paper is to discuss certain aspects of Carleton's law programme. These include the impact of being part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the development of the programme, and the format of a recent survey of the Department's graduates.