Dalhousie Law Journal


H. A. Hubbard


University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Common Law, Fauteux Hall


The character of the Common Law Section of our Faculty of Law has changed dramatically in the years since our move into our present quarters in Fauteux Hall in the Fall of 1973. In order to appreciate fully the scope of these changes, it is necessary to contrast the development of our school over the past decade with the situation that preceeded it. When the University of Ottawa opened its Faculty of Law in 1953, it renewed an undertaking begun nearly seventy years before. In 1887, a law school was established at the University of Ottawa and its first Dean, who was to become Prime Minister of Canada, was Sir John Thompson. Many difficulties led to the closing of this first law school, but the University resolved to reopen a law school as soon as circumstances should prove more favourable.