Submissions from 2012


The Law Applicable on the Continental Shelf and in the Exclusive Economic Zone, Moira McConnell

Submissions from 2011


Choice Patents, Matthew Herder


Indonesia's Refusal to Share Influenza Virus Specimens with the World: Reviving the Arguments for Justice in Influenza Pandemic Preparedness, Matthew Herder and Meena Krishnamurthy

Balancing Necessity and Individual Rights in the Fight Against Transnational Terrorism: 'Targeted Killings' and International Law, Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice and Karinne (Coombes) Lantz

Submissions from 2010

Looking Backwards, Looking Forward: Hopes for Bioethics' Next Twenty‐Five Years, Susan Sherwin

Submissions from 2009


Policy Design for Human Embryo Research in Canada, Francoise Baylis and Matthew Herder


Asking for Money Back - Chilling Commercialization or Recouping Public Trust in the Context of Stem Cell Research?, Matthew Herder


Demythologizing PHOSITA: Applying the Non-Obviousness Requirement under Canadian Patent Law to Keep Knowledge in the Public Domain & Foster Innovation, Matthew Herder


Patents & the Progress of Personalized Medicine: Biomarkers Research as Lens, Matthew Herder


Proprietary Interests and Collaboration in Stem Cell Science: Avoiding Anticommons, Countering Canalyzation, Matthew Herder


Pitfalls in Patenting Publicly Funded Research - Comments on Draft South African Regulations, Cynthia M. M. Ho and Matthew Herder

Submissions from 2007

Fundamental Breach of Contracts of Affreightment: A Comparative Analysis of the United Kingdom, United States and Canadian Jurisprudence, Chukwuka Nkemjika Nkemjika Eze

Submissions from 2004

Foundations, Frameworks, Lenses: The Role of Theories in Bioethics, Susan Sherwin