Dalhousie Law Journal


fishery, Atlantic Canada, nothern cod, overfishing, global marketplace, loans


The collapse of the Atlantic fishery has resulted in significant economic dislocation and is in likelihood, going to result in long-term social dislocation as well. The unalterable fact is that the fishery of the future is going to be dramatically different from that which we are now leaving. Hindsight is not valid currency nor is assessment of blame a worthwhile exercise. We can, if we so choose, learn from the past. If we select that path our descendants will applaud us. If we choose to be as blind in the future as we often have been in the past, they will curse us. It is too earlyyet to define with any degree of certainty what the future fishery should looklike. Itis timelyhowever, that we should begin to search forthe right questions as a first step toward securing the right answers. One thing is certain. There is no going back, only forward.